UB Police warn of email scam

Published June 19, 2014 at 5:31 PM

Please be aware that threatening emails are circulating on- and off-campus in an attempt to extort money.  While there are many variations of this scam, if you feel threatened please contact your local police.  On campus, please call UB Police at 716-645-2222.

Some of these emails were generated from hacked UB email accounts.  One of the hacked accounts belonged to a UB user who responded to an email she incorrectly believed originated from UB’s information technology office.  After clicking on a link within the email, she provided her user name and password. 

You should never email your password or any other private information, and UB will never ask you to do so. Don't be tricked - never reveal your password(s) to anyone.

This is a very common variation of a scam that “phishes” for account and identity information. As hacked accounts are identified, UB’s Information Security Office is disabling the accounts to prevent them from being used again to carry out this scam.

If you have already responded to an email with money or information, please contact police as soon as possible.

Here are some common signs of an email scam:

  1. The mail comes from one address but when you reply the address is different.
  2. The message threatens to kill with no specific information about you.
  3. The message warns you not to contact anyone, including the police.

If you receive an email that you suspect may be a scam, please forward it to abuse@buffalo.edu.  For more information about these scams as well as other security information, go to http://www.buffalo.edu/ubit/news/alerts/ubit-security.html