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This is the university's official site for emergency planning and procedures. During an emergency, updates will be posted here.

Clemens Hall updates for Oct. 20, Oct. 23

Some Friday classes relocated; all classes back to regularly scheduled rooms Monday

Published October 19, 2017 at 4:37 PM

UB Facilities crews and their third-party vendors are making good progress on the cleanup effort in Clemens Hall on the North Campus following flooding that occurred due to a broken valve in a water line.

The flooding affected classrooms and faculty offices from the basement of Clemens to the fourth floor. Floors five through 10 were unaffected.

Some classes scheduled for Friday have been relocated to allow crews to continue drying classrooms and offices. A list of classes relocated for Friday is available HERE. Any classes not on this list are scheduled as normal.

All classes in Clemens will be held in their regularly scheduled classrooms starting Monday, Oct. 23.

Faculty and staff are reminded not to move any fans or dehumidifiers and other drying equipment, and to exercise caution around such equipment and extension cords. There are now two elevators in operation in Clemens.

Facilities crews have been treating carpeting, desks and other office and classroom furniture on the affected floors with cleaners and enzymes to sanitize and prevent any bacteria buildup.

There will still be some lingering odors as the areas impacted continue to dry out, but these smells are not harmful and should dissipate over the next several days. In-wall drying systems have been in place to reduce moisture in the walls.

Inspectors from UB’s Environment, Health and Safety department continue to monitor and assess humidity levels, moisture levels and other potential safety concerns in the building, and are reporting significant improvements from earlier in the week.

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