UB Police investigating forcible touching incidents

Published May 6, 2018 at 1:01 PM

On Sunday, May 6, University Police received reports of two separate and unrelated incidents of forcible touching.

A female student reported to her residence hall advisor, that she was fondled and kissed without her consent by an unknown male while attending the Spring Fest Concert in Alumni Arena. The incident occurred toward the front of the red section seating area during the last act of the night. The brief description of the suspect provided to police by the residence hall advisor was as follows: a tall male with dark curly hair, wearing a long-sleeve UB shirt.

In the second incident, a male student reported to University Police that a female friend was forcibly touched while walking with him and a group of friends along Main Street in front of the South Campus at approximately 2:00 a.m. The unknown suspect had followed the group to several parties earlier that night and was described to police as a light-skinned, college-age black male, approximately 5’7,” curly hair with a fade on top, wearing a white shirt and jeans, possibly named “Joel.”

University Police is seeking to identify these suspects and is asking anyone with information to call (716) 645-2222.

Members of the community are urged to be vigilant at all times, and report any unusual circumstances or suspicious persons or activities to the University Police as soon as possible.