Cyber Emergency

If UB experiences a campus-wide cyber emergency, it will be reported the same way as other emergencies. Many personal cyber incidents happen every day, however, and can be problematic for you.

Your Computer Isn't Behaving As You Expect

What's the Problem?

1. Find out if the problem has already been reported.

2. If the problem has not been reported, contact the UBIT Help Center.



Learn How to Prevent Personal Cyber Incidents

Ownership of computing devices is a serious commitment to securing them from external "hacks," managing your accounts and passwords and being vigilant about how you use applications and social media.

Report an Emergency

On Campus
  Call 716-645-2222 or
  Use a blue light phone
Off Campus —
Call 911
Downtown —
Call 911


Hazardous Materials
    Call 716-829-3301

    Call 716-645-2227